Westview Boys Home and the Childress, Texas Church of Christ: An Unholy Fellowship – Jerry C. Brewer

November 7th, 2021

To the Administrative staff of Westview:

We at the Eastside church of Christ in Lexington, OK respectfully request that you remove us from your mailing list and also your food pickup list. The reasons for this are as follows:

  1. Your worship/fellowship with the Childress church of Christ in Childress, TX. This church practices things which are contrary to the Word of God. Pancake suppers and lunch meals for a donation concerning a member are forms of a special contribution. This violates 1st Corinthians 16: 2 (gatherings).

  2. Childress also is involved in the practice of the Social Gospel. The September offerings to the community on Wednesday nights of classes that dealt with mental and physical health along with family relationship classes are not part of the doctrine of Christ. No book, chapter, and verse supports this kind of outreach in place of Bible Study.

  3. One example of a meme from the Childress Facebook page says, “God wants you off the sofa and in the Sanctuary.” This is misleading speech referring to the building or auditorium which you will find commonly used on denominational websites, Once again there is nothing in Scripture supporting this terminology. Sanctuary in the Bible referred to the Old Testament Temple. There were no church buildings or auditoriums in the 1st Century in existence to apply this term. Other “language of Ashdod” examples could be cited here.

  4. The nation-wide story of April 2021. Methodist parents were outraged by a Sex Education class presented in the context of marital relationships and intimacy. A class with a wide range of ages and from the reports, mixed (boys and girls), is totally inappropriate and once again has no place in the teaching of the Lord’s church. This is another example of the “Social Gospel” which appears to be a prevalent theme in the Childress congregation. It’s ironic that denominational parents were upset by this and not the “Christians” at Childress. Stringent parental permission has nothing to do with this subject being a basis of study in a Bible class. This has been described as “fake news” by one of the leaders at Childress. However there is a video news clip of Mike Henderson, an elder at Childress and one of your board members, defending this practice. Plus the inclusion of the Methodist youth group infers fellowship with denominations.

As the de facto parents of the boys at your home, Westview has the primary responsibility to provide and safeguard the boys’ physical, mental, and spiritual health. Your ranch work appears to address the physical but the choice to worship at Childress instead of a sound congregation located at Hollis and the handout during the Sex Ed class leaves you sorely deficient in the provision of mental and spiritual health.At this time, Westview serves the same purpose as denominational children’s homes. All provide food, clothing, shelter, and teach spiritual error.

We once again request to be removed from any mailings and pickups. We can have “no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness.” If you have issues or concerns about this request, you may contact our preacher, Pat Craig, at lexpreacher@gmail.com. We will also be glad to meet face to face. Our greatest concern in all of this is the salvation of souls at Westview. We will continue to pray for you.

Seeking first the kingdom of God,

The leaders of the Eastside congregation:

Cliff Massengale

Dwight Haley

Ed Fisher

Pat Craig

Ron Skinner

Eddie Taylor

Bill Peltier

Sean Burger

Tony Ripley

Jason Pruitt

Travis Fisher

Parents outraged, say Texas church taught

sex education without parental consent

CHILDRESS, Texas (KFDA) – Some parents in Childress are outraged after they say a church taught their children explicit sexual education without their consent.

On Wednesday night, Cory Rodecap dropped his daughter off at First United Methodist Church. When he picked her up hours later, she seemed different.

We got back to the house and she was pretty hesitant, and she said, ‘There is something that we learned at church today, and I don’t want you to be mad at me,’” said Rodecap.

He then saw she had a paper that contained explicit sexual questions and terminology. “They crammed in her head, I mean completely stripped my daughter of all her innocence,”said Rodecap.

Mike Henderson, a representative for the Church of Christ in Childress, says this is part of a curriculum they’ve been offering to their youth program (Ages from 12 to 18) for 15 years. He says the lessons mainly focus on healthy relationships and marriage, with one day focusing on sex.

While he believes the curriculum has been well received over the years, this time was different. “I don’t want to throw anybody under the bus, and I don’t want to be critical or defensive at all. At the last minute, like maybe even 5:00 Wednesday afternoon, the youth minister from the other church involved called Drew Denman, our youth minister, asking if they can attend. And he said, ‘With parental consent,’ but when someone shows up, you can’t tell them not to come in because they knew what it was about,” said Henderson.

Henderson also says this was the first time they allowed another church to join the program in the middle of the series.

This was a seven week series, and they set the stage for all this. The person who was disappointed in this wasn’t at the first three sessions to prepare them for what was going to happen,” said Henderson.

One parent, who did not want to speak on camera, says she thinks the situation has been taken out of proportion. She says a lot of the subjects that were being discussed were brought up by the children themselves. They had expressed curiosity, so the purpose was to start a discussion in a safe space.

However, other members of the community say they don’t agree with the church’s approach. “I guess it’s fine to have a Christian input, but it still shouldn’t be done in church,” said one Childress resident.

You’re not the child,” said another Childress resident. “You’ve got to stand up for your kids, teach them. Nobody should be able to teach your kids nothing.”

According to Henderson, the pastor who teaches the class has been doing so for around four years, and his wife is a clinical psychologist.The Church of Christ says they will be implementing changes such as being more strict with parent authorization.

WARNING: Some of the content below may be considered sexually

explicit. Viewer discretion is advised.

SOURCE: https://www.newschannel10.com/2021/04/23/parents-outraged-say


Updated: Apr. 23, 2021 at 7:02 PM CDT

My Commentary

Jerry C. Brewer

The content is not included in this file. It consists of 4 pages of “lessons” with questions that children are asked to answer about sex. Viewers may read them at the link above. The material distributed to children in the sex class is couched in the vilest street language. A church that will countenance such filth in a “Bible Class” has evil men as “elders” and members who have sold out to the devil.

Additionally, The Westview Boys Home of Hollis, Oklahoma drives its people across the Red River, 34 miles to Childress for “worship” and expose its boys to this filth.

There is not a syllable in the Bible authorizing “sex classes” as the work of the church. The headline says that “Parents outraged, say Texas church taught sex education without parental consent” as though “parental consent” makes it scriptural—but the authority of God expressed in Christ means nothing to evil men.

The Childress, Texas church of Christ is a typical “mainstream church of Christ” the kind I exposed in the book “The Thing That Hath Been…” Vol. 2.


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