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Some day the Lord’s invitation will no longer be valid. Come to him now while time and opportunity permit.

How will your preacher describe you at your funeral?

An Old Testament account prefiguring God’s offering of His Son for our sins.

Will Jesus Christ return to the earth and reign 1,000 years? That question is answered in this lesson from the Bible:

God’s people can reach a point of no return—a point at which God will not hear prayers for them. Gary Summers examines that topic from the book of Jeremiah in this sermon from the 2017 Bellview Lectureship.

The Bible is not a textbook on history or science, but every historic and scientific fact in it is correct, which attests to its inspiration from God.

God’s Word was settled by Him from eternity, and cannot be changed.

Every person on earth walks one of two roads to eternity (Matt. 7:13-14). One is wrong and the other is right. Patrick King explains the serious nature of choosing the right road (Josh. 24:15).

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