Jihad: The Islamic Holy War

Kent Bailey

Western civilization and Islamic society cannot peacefully coexist. Only a casual examination of history indicates that when Muslims are in the minority they call for peace and tranquility, however when they grow in number to become the majority they call for the death of those who will not convert to their false religion. Steve Rudd, in his research entitled Islam: Truth Or Myth, successfully set forth the development of Islam in four stages:

The first stage is that of evangelism. Muslims employ various methods to “evangelize” those of the “infidel western culture.” They seek to leave the false impression of love and concern for the masses of the non-Islamic peoples of the world. It is their goal to bring all individuals to accept Allah as the true God and Mohammed as his prophet. In order to accomplish this goal they will demonstrate a great tolerance of others and their beliefs. We must take great care not to be deceived by this pseudo-toleration. History attests time and time again that Islam is a religion built upon hatred of all individuals who will not submit to their views. The Muslim will use deliberate deception to keep the non-Islamic cultures off guard.

The second stage is that of consolidation. When the Islamic program of evangelism is well entrenched with success being made in so far as converts is concerned a power based is now established. Tolerance is now diminished, greater demands are placed upon the adherents of Islam, and a far less amount of toleration is demonstrated towards those of the ?infidel? western culture and thought. Harsh words and actions are at this point are constantly thrown at those of western culture blaming them for all of the problems that Islam encounters and that the Muslims face. As one observes the news those who
are citizens of the United Kingdom are exactly at this point. Islam is presently consolidating its power base and it is predicted that England will become an Islamic nation in the no too distant future.

The third stage is that of revolution. All opposition, no matter what type is challenged and either eradicated or subdued. Those who oppose Islam are viewed as agents of “the great Satan” and are killed.

The fourth stage is that of the Islamic State. Western culture has been defeated and the false religion of Islam is now in control of the totality of the lives of those who live in such nations. The Qur’an becomes the law of the land. While religions other than those of Islam, as practiced by those who are visiting from other nations, may allegedly be tolerated, they will be carefully monitored at all times. They will be required to keep their religious views to themselves and not openly engage in the free practice of their religions; neither will they be permitted to evangelize among the individuals of the Islamic State. Those Muslims who convert to other religions will be punished by death.

Islam has a strong preference to accomplish the conversion of those of Western civilization to Islam by peaceful means. However, if such cannot be accomplished, Jihad, the “Holy War” is enjoined.

It matters not whether Americans or other Westerners believe that this war has religious dimensions to it or not. Islam teaches and Muslims believe that it is a religious war. They do not believe that they are fighting a just war which would mean that they are fighting a war with a just cause and must be carried out in a just way. Islam teaches—and Muslims believe—that they are fighting a holy war by which they have warrant from Allah to take any action that moves them toward their goal of bringing about an Islamic world.

We are at war! We are at war with an organized false religious movement that has hatred directed toward the God of the Bible, Christ, and New Testament Christianity. We are at war for the survival of Western civilization. Our enemies are strong. They are as evil and as wicked as Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and are fanatical to the extreme of destroying themselves if by so doing they can accomplish our destruction. We are thus at war with religious terrorism. Most individuals do not know what terrorism is. We often hear statements like, “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” This is about as stupid a statement as one can make. That would be like stating “one man’s rapist is another man’s romantic.” There is a vast difference between a legitimate war for freedom that involves military targets like the one carried out by the U.S. Colonies in the late 1700s and that of terrorism against innocent individuals.

It has been correctly observed by students of political philosophy as well as by students of history that men never accomplish evil so completely and cheerfully as when evil stems from religious conviction. This is certainly the case as it relates to the religion of Islam. Religious terrorists do not face the same moral restraints as do those who are true freedom fighters. For those who are religious terrorists, violence is first and foremost a sacramental act or compliance with a divine duty in obedience to some religious demand or imperative. That is the reason Islam is so dangerous. The Muslim believes that dying in a “holy war” against Western culture is a one way ticket to paradise in spite of a wicked life style that he may have lived.

In December 1988 Osama bin Laden granted an interview to ABC News soon after the United States indicted two Saudis in the bombing of the U.S. embassy in Africa. Regarding this specific Jihad he stated,

“We will continue this course because it is part of our religion, and because God, praise and glory be to him, ordered us to carry out jihad so that the word of God may remain exalted to the heights if instigation for jihad against the Jews and the Americans, in order to liberate Al-Aksa Mosque, and the Holy Ka’aba is considered a crime, let history be a witness that I am a criminal.”

Militant Islam intends to conquer America. By this they do not mean that Islam desires American and Western influence out of the Middle East. They have as their goal for America to become a Muslim nation. Siraj Wahhaj, a noted Muslim leader in Brooklyn, New York was the first Muslim given the privilege of opening the United States House of Representatives with an invocation. Wahhaj has called for replacing the American government with a Muslim caliphate. He has called for the United States to implement Shariah Law and is on record as predicting that Islam will be in control of the United States by the year 2040. May God in his providence give us the needed strength to defeat this great system of demonic evil.

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