Distilled Truths

Earl Gieske

If you should have a discussion with any members of a denomination, you would probably hear them say, “Well, our ‘pastor’ uses the same Bible your preacher does, and preaches the same truths.” These “pastors” in denominational (or man-made) churches, do preach some of the same truths that Gospel preachers do, for any truth from the Bible is truth, regardless of who teaches it.

An atheist can teach truth. A Jew can teach truth, just as long as it is from the inspired writings, and it is without additions or subtractions. Anyone who teaches that it is a sin to lie is teaching truth. Anyone who says that Jesus Christ is Lord is teaching truth.

Is there any difference in the teachings of a Gospel preacher—ignorantly called by some, a “church of Christ preacher”—and the teachings of denominational preachers? Certainly! Else there would be no man-made churches. All would wear the names designated in the New Testament if all preachers taught just what the Bible teaches. You cannot find the term Methodist, Presbyterian, or Baptist ever applied to members of the church of Christ in the New Testament. If so, where is the verse—not ten or five—just one?

What is the difference in man-made churches and the church we read about in the New Testament? These preachers and their denominations they are affiliated with have what may be called, “distilled truths.” These man-made churches run the Bible through their own distilleries, and the various filters through which they run it result in only the truths coming through which are allowed by their man-made creeds.

These “distilled truths” come from the private distilleries of the Catholics, the Presbyterians, the Baptists, the Methodists, and the Pentecostals. While all may distill some of the truths, the individual filters in their distilleries result in different truths as the by-product. For example, the filters of the Methodist eliminate immersion, while the “brew masters” add sprinkling. The Baptist Distilled Truths filters let immersion through while filtering out the remission of sins in connection with baptism. Some Pentecostal filters let immersion and remission of sins through, but filter out the three persons of the Godhead. Thus, they baptize in the name of Jesus only. These “distilled truths” are subtly seasoned with individual condiments by each man-made religious group from its own creed. This causes those who imbibe these “distilled truths” to become Catholics, Methodists, Presbyterians, Baptists, or Pentecostals—depending on the distillery from which they get their “distilled truths.”

Let us never turn from the source of living waters. Let us reject every manmade creed—whether taught by denominational preachers or those who still profess to be Gospel preachers. Let us ever keep in mind that “a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.”

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