Do Not Fear Demons

Ron Cosby

New Testament teaching shows that, since the first century, no man needs to fear demons. Nevertheless, some instill terror in the hearts of readers with their headlines of demons taking over the world. An article, published in Catholic Online in October, 2016, declared, “WORLD UNDER ATTACK—Army of demons has led to spike in exorcism.” Around Christmas time, a headline from the Drudge Report read, “In wicked world, exorcists in short supply…” Neither those in the Catholic Church, nor any other person can cast out demons. Better yet, they do not need to cast out demons because demon possession existed only in the first century. The specially chosen servants of Jesus defeated the demonic world once and for all.

Therefore, fear not being possessed. It cannot happen. Fear not any so-called “supernatural power” emanating from those who talk funny or who act weird, which is described by some as “demon possession.” Simply treat them like any other sick or dangerous person. Last of all, reject the teaching of those who spread fake news of demons conquering continents, nations, cities, individuals, or you. Demon possession ceased over 2,000 years ago.

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