Too Great A Price?

Al Brown

Sometimes faithfulness to God’s can be very expensive. Family hostility may require a child to turn his back on his father in order to serve the Lord, friends may be lost. Christianity may cause a person to lose his job. Sinful practices that were cherished before we were baptized have to be abandoned. Certainly, money which was used for immoral purposes must now be devoted to Jesus. Time that was given over to worldly activities must be given up. Some think the sacrifice is too great. They may even think the Lord has no right to demand so much.

To put all this into proper perspective, try to realize that the reward we receive is far beyond any thing we can even imagine (Rom. 8:18). The sacrifice the Son of God gave in order for us to have such an inheritance is precious beyond calculation. Our situation was hopeless. We were lost in sin, yet Jesus took our place and did for us what we could never do for ourselves (Rom. 8:3–4). Though we give everything we have, including our very lives, that still could not earn our soul’s salvation.

What a price He paid! What a debt I owe!

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