If Baptists Practiced What They Preach

Jerry C. Brewer

Baptists haven’t considered the consequences of their doctrine of “once saved, always saved.” If they had, they would find that it carries the seeds of destruction for the Baptist Church.

Think about it. If one who is saved can never do anything to be lost, there is really no need for Baptists to attend their worship assemblies. If I believed that doctrine, I would plan other things on Sunday and during midweek meetings. I would do a lot more fishing, golfing, or plain old napping. Why attend if my failure to worship God will not cause me to be lost? Think of all the free time the doctrine of “once saved, always saved” affords the Baptists!

If one who is saved can never do anything to be lost, that doctrine would also save Baptists a ton of money! Think of all the huge, fancy buildings that dot our land with signs out front reading, “First Baptist Church,” “Missionary Baptist Church,” or “Primitive Baptist Church.” One must wonder how many millions of dollars have been spent on those buildings. If one is “once saved, always saved,” why should he dig down into his pocket to fund those magnificent buildings?

Baptists could also save a ton of money by cutting off the huge salaries they pay their “pastors.” Why pay a “pastor” a salary if one is “once saved, always saved?” There’s really no need to give a dime to any Baptist Church if one cannot be lost. Just pocket the money, go fishing, and let the “pastor” get an honest job.

If Baptists practiced what they preach, the money would dry up and there would be no Baptist Church.

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