The Denominational Way or The Lord’s Way?

Judson Woodbridge

Some congregations seem to think the way to motivate attendance is to organize a church ball team. There is no doubt in my mind, that this would swell the crowd; especially, when the rule is made that every player must attend Sunday school and church. Some would probably go to church in order to play ball. But why limit it to playing ball? A good circus might get a crowd. Comedians and clowns attract.

Seemingly, brethren cannot learn anything from history. The church ball team is no new idea. The denominations have used this and like plans for years. Are we ready to go their way and end up with the recreational halls, equipped for playing numerous games and finally the Sunday evening dance? This gets the crowd.

Where is the preacher or elder that would like to prove that the church should be in any other business besides preaching the gospel? If the church can go into the recreational business, it can go into the mercantile business, farming business, etc.

I am not opposed to any group of individuals playing ball, or engaging in any other kind of recreation that is morally right. But I am opposed to putting the church in any field of work or endeavor that the Lord did not put it in. He certainly did not teach that the church should provide recreation.

Preach the gospel to all who will listen. The fellow who comes so he can be on “the church team” is a poor listener. The gospel is the power of God to save, not playing ball. Are we going to let the denominations lead us in our work, or are we going to follow the Lord?

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