Legalized Adultery

Jerry C. Brewer

A cancerous sore upon society, divorce for any cause is legalized adultery. Moreover, it manifests the corruption of a wealthy, formally educated and mighty nation, and undermines its strength by destroying the purity and happiness of once virtuous homes.

God joins a man and a woman together as husband and wife when they marry according to the law of the land, and no human law can separate them. Only God can bring about such a separation and He declares that fornication is the only reason He allows for one to divorce and marry another (Matt. 19:9). No Congress, Legislature, king, or country has the right to separate husband and wife whom God has joined together. Every state in the union and governments of the world could greatly promote the purity and happiness of mankind if each would follow the law of God in the matter of marriage and divorce.

One who divorces his wife, “except it be for fornication,” and marries another becomes an adulterer. He who marries her thus put away also becomes an adulterer because, in God’s sight, he is living with another man’s wife. The woman also becomes an adulteress because she is living with a man who isn’t her husband under God’s law.

Only fornication can break the marriage bond and give the guiltless party the right to remarry. That’s what Jesus said in Matthew 19:9 and He does not allow for the remarriage of the guilty party. Hence, when a man divorces his wife for any reason other than fornication and marries another, he commits adultery, and the woman whom he marries also lives in a state of adultery. Easy divorce laws springing from the secular humanism of our present age have wreaked havoc upon American homes and millions are now living in adulterous unions.

God’s law of marriage was made for man’s good—a fact that should be obvious when one considers the misery that broken homes have brought to our communities. Children today have a mother in one place, a father in another, step-parents, step-grandparents, half and step-siblings, and bickering, selfish relatives who add to the confusion. Then one wonders what is wrong with the younger generation! What is wrong is the abdication of parental responsibility by a selfish generation of pseudo-adults who are more concerned with “finding themselves” and catering to their own lusts than caring for the children they bring into the world. Adherence to God’s law of marriage and a repudiation of legalized adultery would remedy the misery into which so many children have been thrown by selfish parents who seek their own pleasure at the expense of their little ones.

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