Liquor From “A” to “Z”

Author Unknown

The liquor evil

Arms more villains,

Breaks more laws,

Corrupts more officials,

Destroys more homes,

Engulfs more fortunes,

Fills more jails,

Grows more gray hairs,

Harrows more hearts,

Incites more crime,

Jeopardizes more lives,

Kindles more strife,

Lacerates more feelings,

Maims more bodies,

Nails down more coffins,

Opens more graves,

Places more feet on the downward path,

Quenches more hopes,

Raises more sobs,

Sells more virtue,

Tells more lies,

Undermines more youth,

Voids more contracts,

Wrecks more men,

Xcites more murders,

Yields more disgrace,

Zeroes more hopes

than any other enemy of mankind.

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