Insight From a Century-Old Letter

Jerry C. Brewer

While researching my family’s history, I found a letter written by John T. Brewer from Edom, Texas, March 8, 1901. John T. Brewer was my grandfather’s brother and the letter was to his uncle in Alabama. In it, he wrote, “Connection is well as far as I know.” “Connection” is how they referred to kinfolks. His letter speaks volumes about the familial bond that existed in a time now gone forever.

There is little “connection” between parents and children in our day. Murdered under the euphemism of “abortion,” millions of babies will never take their place in today’s world. And, those who do are often institutionalized in day-care centers as soon as they are born, so mothers can pursue careers.

With little hope of knowing a real family “connection,” thousands of today’s children come home to empty houses at the end of the day. There’s no “connection” in American homes between parents and children because society has gone pleasure-mad. Seeking a living instead of a life, America’s homes have become a foundation of shifting sand upon which society teeters and tilts toward the abyss of destruction.

And because there is no “connection” in today’s American homes, aberrant behaviour, that once would have outraged a decent society, is now tolerated as politically correct.

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