Defacing the Moral Compass

Lee Moses

Imagine a ship traveling toward its desired destination. Mid-voyage, a group from the port side of the ship stages a form of mutiny by sanding down the directions on the compass and replacing them with directional indications of their own choosing—perhaps an S where N has been, a W where E has been, an SE where SW has been, and so on. This is much like the situation in our present society.

It is no earth shattering news that modern civilization has difficulty discerning right from wrong. However, it is shocking to observe the lengths to which certain groups are now going to blur that distinction to keep other people from discerning right from wrong.

One of those groups going to extremes is the pro-abortion advocacy. Their present mantra has become “Shout your abortion!” The goal is to give the appearance that abortion is not something to be regretted, a sentiment shared to some degree by virtually all women who have had one. Rather, abortion is something to be celebrated! As one TV hostess expressed her call to arms this past May, “Let’s do this. If you are also the 1 in 4 [women who have had an abortion], let’s share it and start to end the shame.” The same day, New York magazine carried this headline: “Abortion is Morally Good.” An Internet meme has made the rounds reading, “I love abortion.”

It was not too long ago that this group’s mantra was “let’s keep abortion safe, legal, and rare.” While far from satisfactory, it at least readily admitted that abortion was not preferable. Now this group is trying to portray abortion as good.

If abortion is good, what does that make someone who opposes abortion? What does that make a Book that teaches against abortion? (cf. Exo. 21:22-25; Psm. 139:12-16; Luke 1:41 [cf. 2:16]).

The smokescreen has been building up for decades, and now the immoral are making their power play to replace the established and proven—not to mention Godgiven—morality with a new “morality” of their choosing. Consider where this new morality would lead. There are only three conceivable reasons a woman would say, “I don’t regret my abortion”:

1. She is simply in denial.

2. She is outright and intentionally lying.

3. Her heart is hardened to the point where her maternal instinct of love— not to mention her human compassion—has been completely suppressed.

Ought not the taking of innocent human life remain unacceptable in a civilized society? Ought not every mother to love her children? But this so-called “morality” would mandate against such views.

This moral defacing is certainly not limited to abortion; one sees it in the homosexual and transgender movement, in places written into the legal code. Many have been guilty of defacing the moral compass in attempts to justify all sorts of personal misconduct.

But all such efforts are vain. The compass—God’s word—remains indestructible and incorruptible (Isa. 40:8; John 10:35). That compass continues to point true. If we are to fulfill our course in this life and reach our heavenly destination, we must abide by it.

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