Young People in the Wrong Crowd

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I got in with the wrong crowd,” may be an effort to explain away our personal responsibility for our sins—or may express the situation accurately. What you are is the main factor in determining the kind of friends you have. If the crowd is wrong, it is also true that you must have already been wrong to become involved with such people. It may be that you began a friendship with a group whom you did not know well.

How to Tell if a Group is the “Wrong Crowd”

One of the first indications can be found in the things they think are funny. If their idea of humor is a dirty joke or being discourteous to older people, it is a sure sign that we are in with the “wrong crowd.” It is dangerous also when humor is turned to destructive activities. There is nothing really funny about destroying property or reputations.

The “wrong crowd” is marked also by impure speech. “Let no corrupt speech proceed out of your mouth” (Eph. 4:29). Some of us would not think of violating this command ourselves but will tolerate the worst kind of language from our friends.

Lack of reverence and respect for worship and Bible class teachers is another characteristic of the “wrong crowd.” Do your friends encourage you to be reverent, courteous, respectful and faithful in worship and Bible class? Does your crowd speak lightly of going to worship and class regularly?

A sloppy, droopy, dare-devil, reckless spirit is always found in the “wrong crowd.” There is little respect for dignity of behavior, or even for good manners. In the “wrong crowd” every effort is made to impress others with the fact that here are persons that will do as they like, regardless of others, right or wrong.

Your friends are the wrong crowd if they make it harder for you to be what God wants you to be. Do you find your interest in spiritual things decreasing when with them? If so, do something about it now! Surround yourself with Christian friends and allow their encouragement to bless you. Don’t wait till you get so deeply involved that all you can do is blame the “wrong crowd” for disaster in your life. Decide now!

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  1. I can’t add much to this except that the temptations are more frequent and diverse nowadays. We must be vigilant and pray hard on our knees if we want to save them.

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