The Virgin Birth and “New Bibles”

Foy E. Wallace, Jr.

The incarnation of Christ was God stooping to man, it was heaven bending to the earth in the person of One who was in the bosom of God before He was formed in the womb of an earthly mother. The fundamental principle of Christianity is the virgin birth of Jesus. Destroy this mighty arch of Christianity and the whole institution collapses. And that is what new Bibles are doing—they are striking at the very foundation of Christianity, the virgin birth of Jesus and the verbal inspiration of the Bible. The most damaging assault that can be made on a structure is an all-out attack on its foundation. Undermine it, destroy the foundation, and it collapses. That is what the neo-orthodox translators of the new-orthodox Bibles are doing. The term neo means new and orthodox has the idea of a standard. So neo-orthodox means a new Christianity—they propose to give a new face to Christianity. And they are attempting to undermine its bulwarks—its very foundation—the virgin birth of Jesus Christ and the verbal inspiration of the Scriptures.

These new Bibles have taken the word begotten out of our New Testament everywhere it is attached to Jesus Christ. [These] two words in the English come from one word in the Greek text, the word, monogenes. It cannot be fully translated without two English words—only begotten. But these infidel translators, who do not believe in the virgin birth of Jesus, split that word in two and threw the begotten half of it out the window.

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