The Divine Origin of Christianity

Foy E. Wallace, Jr.

For we have not followed cunningly devised fables…but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghost” (2 Pet. 1:16-21).

The existence of Christianity is a near proof of its divinity, and its prevalence is a baffling fact to all who would deny its superhuman origin. It is an existing reality. If it is human, how account for it? If it is divine, what are the proofs of it?

We believe the evidences of its divinity are abundant and convincing, and submit here a few among the many lines of proofs which may be adduced to support its claims.

Consideration is here directed to five words which form an impregnable defense of Christianity.


Christianity is a revealed religion (1 Cor. 2: 10-13). It is coextensive with the Bible in claim and in proof. If the Bible is inspired, Christianity is divine. Sustain one and you prove the other. Both are of divine origin.

The following facts will serve to introduce the line of evidence on the divine authorship of the Bible: First, the unity and harmony of its teaching; second, the united simplicity and incomprehensibility of its contents; third, its superior code of morals and ethics; fourth, its ameliorating influences upon society.

If the Bible is untrue and Christianity is false, then we have the anomaly of two lies having done more for the world and humanity than all the so-called “scientific truth” put together!


We share the conviction that “no uninspired man can accurately interpret unfulfilled prophecy.” Yet fulfilled prophecy is an important witness to the superhuman authorship of the Bible. God uses prophecy and history to prove his Book. Prophecy is not meant for interpretation. It was meant for fulfillment, and in its fulfillment the apostolic averment that “we have not followed cunningly devised fables…but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghost,” is shown to be true. There are literally scores of Old Testament prophecies which history has so obviously fulfilled that one who would deny it is at once convicted of ignorance or stupidity. The rise and fall of earthly kingdoms and the desolation of ancient cities; history of certain nations written before those nations existed, and their destiny with detailed accuracy definitely forecast; the names of men chronicled a century before they were born, and their lives and fortunes with unfailing prediction depicted. They are too numerous to list in limited space. But the study of fulfilled prophecy will bring the truth-seeker in amazement to the inevitable and only conclusion that “holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.”


The material and social progress of the world can be attributed only to the influence of Christianity, and, hence, proves the divinity of its character. Materially, an improved civilization, with homes, schools, business, and all that forms a part of an enlightened community, is directly traceable to the influence of Christianity. Socially, the Sermon on the Mount “put philanthropy into the heart of the world.” Our hospitals, orphanages, and asylums are the result. Not even the Jews ever had such. And who ever heard of the philanthropy of atheism! “By their fruits ye shall know them.”


The triumph of the church over all opposition proves its inherent power and divinity. Prejudice, superstitions, philosophies, learning, wealth, politics, pride, pomp, and power were all pitted against it. ‘The fires of persecution were kindled. The sword was unsheathed and bathed in the blood of its victims. But all opposition was vain. Its subjects increased; its boundaries enlarged; and in less than three centuries Christianity had not only conquered Rome, but had converted Rome’s citizens and enlisted her rulers. In A.D. 312 Constantine became a vassal of the King of kings, and in A.D. 384 the Roman Senate abolished paganism and made Christianity the religion of the State.”


The imperishable monuments of Christianity are the climax of all proof and evidence that it is not of man. The birth of Christ reversed the calendar of the world and has made Christianity a fixed truth in the heart of the world. The Lord’s Supper is a simple institution, composed of material elements that “perish with the using,” yet a monument that endures the centuries, and which is as real and full of meaning, devotion, promise, and hope as when first observed in the memorable upper room on that eventful night two thousand years ago! Christ an impostor, his disciples deceivers, the Bible a falsehood, and Christianity a farce? Then give the world more impostors, deceivers, falsehoods, and farces!

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