“Sweet Cakes” Baker’s Case Revisited

Marvin L. Weir

Chad Groening of OneNewsNow reported in June of 2019 regarding the “Supreme Court’s decision to throw out a ruling by an Oregon court that punished Christian bakers for refusing to make a wedding cake for two lesbians.”

The Klein’s (owners of the bakery) were forced to pay a $135,000 dollar judgment to the two lesbians for declining to create a cake for them in 2013. This forced the couple who owned the bakery to close the business. The Supreme Court’s decision on another case demands the Klein’s case be revisited. It appears that the Supreme Court has ruled that “religious hostility” will not be tolerated in courts making decisions in cases such as the Klein’s. The terrible thing is that a court ever ruled that business owners would be forced to violate their religious and moral convictions. And, a six year court battle will bankrupt most people!

It is refreshing, however, that the Supreme Court has ruled that “religious hostility” cannot be used to assure victory in such court cases. The writer predicts another battle over correct application of “religious hostility.” The ungodly LGBTQ will continue to push their agenda!

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