What Does the Church of Christ Teach? – Nathan Brewer

Nathan Brewer

Nothing. The church of Christ doesn’t teach a thing.

The Bible teaches plenty, but the church has no “official” positions. You might be surprised to learn that the church of Christ has no official statement of faith. No creed book. No catechism. No manual.

Sometimes, someone outside the church will say, “The church of Christ believes…” Or maybe someone will ask: “What does the church of Christ teach regarding…?”

This happens because various religious bodies do have official positions on doctrinal and moral matters. Some religious groups even convene annually to vote on their positions.

While I can’t speak for every member of the church, or for every congregation that claims to be a church of Christ, it’s my practice, and the practice of the members of the church where I worship to simply follow the Bible. Instead of asking what any church teaches or believes about something, it’s better to find out what the Bible teaches about every subject.

Another reason I can’t speak for any other congregation or any other individual is that the church of Christ has no official hierarchy.

Today, as in the first century when it was established, each congregation is independent. That means we don’t answer to any other group of people. Locally, we answer to each other. The only remote person we answer to is Jesus Christ, the head of the church (Col. 1:18).

In our Bible classes and in our sermons where I worship, we emphasize the word of God. In our worship and in our teaching, we aim to follow the biblical pattern.

So, what does the church of Christ teach? The church of Christ teaches the Bible. And what do the members of the church of Christ believe? Hopefully, the members believe the Bible.

It’s simple, yet revolutionary. It’s as old as the church of Christ itself (see Acts 2), yet it seems like an innovation. No votes, no creed books, no statements of faith. Just follow the Bible.

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