Food for Thought – (Unknown)

Author Unknown

Conductor: I’m sorry, but you are on the wrong train. You want to go to Memphis, but this train doesn’t go there. It goes to St. Louis.

Passenger: Don’t bother me with that stuff. I sincerely believed I was getting on the Memphis train, so what difference does it make? If a person is sincere in what he believes, that’s all that matters.

Doctor: Madam, your husband is dead. Those pills he took contained poison.

Woman: (Angrily) He can’t be dead. One pill is as good as another. Besides, he was sincere in thinking they were sleeping pills, so he can’t be dead.

Surgeon: Sir, that growth you have is malignant and unless it’s removed it will kill you.

Patient: Don’t be silly, Doc. I feel fine. Forget it. None of my folks ever had such a thing removed. I’m satisfied with the way I feel.

Gospel Preacher: Sir, the way you are traveling is not the way of Truth revealed in the Bible. I implore you to get into the right way and become a Christian before it is too late.
Some People: Don’t be so narrow. My folks were members of this church so it’s good enough for me. What difference does it make? One way is as good as another. If a person feels his religion is right that’s good enough. Don’t bother me. I’m satisfied.

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