Pressing Onward – Willard Cox

Willard Cox

There is work to be done! A charge to keep. A mission to accomplish. A never-dying soul to save. A church to help grow. Young people to teach. Sick people to visit. New converts to nurture. Bible classes to teach. Young families to lead to Christ. A beautiful life to live. The God of heaven to glorify.

There is work to be done! The Bible to be studied. Visitors to greet. Neighbors to invite to church. Children to spend much time with. Temptations to overcome. Crosses to be borne. Prayers to be made to God. Older citizens to cheer. Love to be exemplified in everything.

There is work to be done! Backsliders to be restored. Burdens to lift. Men to qualify and desire the eldership. Missionaries to be supported. Orphans to be clothed and fed. Work for the means to help the needy. Training for those who want to be of greater service. Elders to be appointed. Discipline to be rendered to the disobedient. Wrongs to be made right. The gospel to be obeyed. The devil to be defeated.

It is not time to glory in past accomplishments or act defeated. Time is running out. The devil is gaining on us. Immorality is becoming more prevalent. Homes are being broken. False teachers are deceiving people into error. Children are running loose. Doctrinal soundness does not appeal to many people. Souls are on the road to hell.

We must press onward! Sticking our heads into the sand, pretending perilous times do not exist, being busy in our own pleasures and profits, wishing things will automatically become better, and being uninvolved by passing the buck, blaming others, etc., will not get the needed jobs done, but will, in fact, allow our world to become worse faster.

Even though we are tried we must keep pursuing in good works, and keep pressing onward to the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus for there is much work to be done.

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