What do Our Young People Need? – Bill Jackson

Bill Jackson

In answer to this question, we hear a large chorus in the church urging that the church become a combination YMCA/YWCA to cater to recreational desires. Some in the kingdom say we need a “youth minister,” and often this turns into a “ministry” of cook-outs, pizza parties, trips to Six Flags, canoeing on our rivers, and bowling tournaments. Really, now, is this what our young people need as we think of their eternal souls? turned from their responsibilities, and now they wish the church to step in and take over. This is one of the true, but very sad, facts of our time. But, what do our young people need? We suggest these:

They Need Godly Homes/Parents

Ephesians 6:4 lays it upon fathers to see that, in the home environment, children are brought up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Under Moses’ law, the Word, concerning the laws of God, was that “thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children” (Deu. 6:7). The greatest push toward heaven that youngsters can receive will be from godly parents, the opposite is also true—the wrong kind of home influence can be a very strong push toward eternal torment.

They Need Examples Before Them

Paul commended the faith in Timothy, and then noted that such was in his mother and in his grandmother before him (2 Tim. 1:5). For all of us, the Lord’s requirement is that we teach truth and live truth, walking wisely before all (Col. 4:5). Children need to be taught the truth in the home, and they have a right to see truth lived outin the lives of their parents. In the home environment, they then should be exposed to the beauty of holiness.

They Need to Have Personal Faith in the Word

There is no exception—faith is built upon the Word of God (Rom. 10:17). Young people are responsible and will stand in the judgment (Ecc. 11:9), and they need to hear and know the Will of the Lord. Bible instruction, in the home and in the congregation, provides that which spiritually benefits, and such spirituality comes in no other way. Young people must come to personal knowledge of what is right, and then also to see what is wrong. Bible teaching will provide that which all the hot dogs and pizza in the world cannot give!

They Need a Sense of Responsibility

No one can provide that for them in the way their parents can. To the degree that their age and maturity permit, theirs should be a life having commensurate responsibilities—before God, in the home, before all authority, in school, in the community. They should learn of responsibility, and discipline, and the trust that will be given them when they behave properly.

They Need Love

They do not always need approval, and very often proper love from parents will discipline rather than approve. Love provides what is needed in (the circumstance and situation. Love—is not weak, permissive, and tolerant of wrong. Children need it, and must have it, in the Biblical way and in the biblical measure.

We, in the church, and right now, are paying dearly because in so many places we have provided the pizza, but we have not provided the things just mentioned. Let us purpose, in the home and in the congregation to begin doing better and immediately!

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