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Dub McClish

One of the strangest facets of the dispensational premillennial system of theology includes a restoration of the authority of the law of Moses. According to this system:

  • After the alleged 7-year “Rapture,” Jesus will return to Jerusalem.

  • He will there allegedly establish an earthly kingdom of 1,000 years’ duration (the “millennial” part of pre-millennialism).

  • When He does so, they affirm that all of the Jews will return to the land of Israel and will be converted to Christ.

  • The Law of Moses, the Aaronic priesthood, temple worship, animal offerings, ast days, sabbath-keeping, circumcision, and all the rest, will be reinstated, they avow.

  • While the whole premillennial system is contrary to explicit Bible teaching, the claim that the law of Moses will be reinstated has to be one of the most blatantly and outrageously anti-Biblical doctrines ever invented. To believe such, its advocates must completely blind themselves to the following teachings of the Bible:

  • The old covenant (law of Moses) prophesied and anticipated a new, superior covenant (Jer. 31:31–34).

  • Our New Testament is that new, superior covenant, which is “a better covenant, which hath been enacted upon better promises” (Heb. 8:6–12).

  • The old covenant (and its appurtenances) was faulty, and its Levitical priesthood was imperfect (7:7, 11) for man’s salvation. It was characterized by “weakness and unprofitableness”; it “made nothing perfect” (vv. 18B–19).

  • It was “disannulled” (v. 18a). Jesus took “away the first [covenant],” in order to “establish the second” (10:9). He did so at Calvary, “blotting out” the law, symbolically nailing it to His cross (Col. 2:14). Jesus’ testament/covenant achieved its force upon His death (Heb. 9:15–17).

  • Moses’ Law was a temporary measure from the start, given until Christ, the promised seed of Abraham, should come (Gal. 3:16–19). It served as a “tutor/schoolmaster” to prepare the Jews for the coming of Christ (v. 24). It was a “yoke of bondage” (5:1; Acts 15:10).

Galatians and Hebrews were written to prevent Jewish Christians from abandoning the final, superior Gospel of Christ for the temporary, inferior Law of Moses. Reinstituting Moses’ Law would be the supreme spiritual anti-climax, replacing the redeeming blood of Christ with that of bulls and goats, which cannot take away sin (Heb. 10:4).

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