Practical Suggestions for Prayer – Batsell Barrett Baxter

Batsell Barrett Baxter

1. Pray immediately upon rising. In what better way can we begin the day than by thanking God for His protection and care during the night and by asking His guidance and help during the new day? Prayer at the beginning of the day is an insulation against evil throughout the entire day.

2. Pray before every meal. God has provided for our needs in such a bountiful manner! The least we can do is express our gratitude as we sit down to enjoy each meal. In these days when we eat many meals in a crowded public restaurant, a few moments of silent prayer often must serve for the audible prayer which we pray around our tables at home.

3. Pray at set times. The ancient Jews, and others, reserved specified periods each day for prayer. We find it helpful, too. These regular times serve as reminders and help keep the busy world from crowding out our periods of communion with God. One woman uses her dishwashing time for prayer.

4. Pray when you are discouraged. Most of us do not need much encouragement to pray when we are discouraged or when we face some special problems. At such times prayer comes naturally. It is comforting to know that God listens to our prayers in times of crisis. The Christian has the privilege of leaning upon the Lord in times of difficulty.

5. Pray when you are happy. It is easy to pray in times of crisis…and easy to forget to pray when life is running smoothly. Christians need to thank God for their happy and prosperous lives.

6. Pray immediately before retiring. After the cares and toils of the day the child of God needs to talk with his heavenly Father. There are blunders to be confessed, sins to be forgiven. And there is gratitude to be expressed for the blessings of the day. Sleep will be sweeter if we have committed ourselves to the Lord’s loving care.

7. Pray fervently. James says, “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much” (Jam. 5:16). Christ commended the importunate widow for her persistence (Luke 18). We must feel deeply the things we say to God, and must say them earnestly, fervently in full faith.

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