Life Begins at Conception—So Abortion is Murder – Dub McClish

Dub McClish

January 22 marks the forty-ninth anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision. In that span, as of January 20, 2022, 63,400,000 totally innocent, helpless human beings have been slain in the womb in the birth process, or after birth—by abortion. This figure equals the current combined populations of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Georgia, Tennessee, and Indiana. Pharaoh of Moses’ era, King Herod, Josef Stalin, Chairman Mao, and Hitler—all mass-murderers—were small-time operators compared to this legalized slaughter in the “civilized” USA.

Is abortion “infanticide,” or is it merely the removal of “expendable tissue”? For abortion to be murder, the unborn baby must be a living person, distinct from its mother. To the pro-death abortion advocates, the content of the womb is little more than a wart, an appendix, or even a tumor—thus disposable. Some are now likening abortion to the expulsion of human excrement. The crucial question then is, when does life and human personhood begin?

Abortion apologists answer, “At birth, or several weeks after conception at the earliest.” God answers, “At conception.” He said to Jeremiah, “Before I formed you in the belly I knew you; and before you came forth out of the womb I sanctified you…” (Jer. 1:5, emph. DM). Thus, before he had skeletal or muscular form in the womb (i.e., at conception), God recognized Jeremiah as a person. The Bible consistently teaches so (see Job 3:16; 10:11; Psa. 51:5; 139:13–16; Isa. 44:24; 49:5; et al.).

On April 23–24, 1981, various stellar scientists and physicians testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding this issue. These included the “Father of Modern Genetics,” Dr. Jerome Lejeune (U. of Descartes, Paris), Dr. McCarthy de Mere, medical doctor and law professor (U. of Tennessee), and Theodosius Dobzhansky, world-renowned geneticist. The testimony of Dobzhansky, though an atheist, represented the conclusions they all stated: “A human being begins his existence when a spermatozoon fertilizes an egg cell” (emph. DM).

Pro-abortionists recognize life and “animalhood” in the unborn of lower animals. Those who will rally by the thousands to champion the “right” to slay their own kind in the womb will stage a hunger strike to protect the life of the unborn eaglet (yes, they know that it possesses life and “eaglehood” while it is still in the egg). Ironically, some vigorously oppose the state’s right to end the murderer’s life, but vigorously champion the “right” of women to slay their own innocent and defenseless offspring. If life, humanness, and personhood do not begin at conception, when do they begin—one day, one week, one month, or three months after the sperm fertilizes the egg? Upon what basis will moral relativists answer this all-important question, except ideology and/or fickle subjectivism? However, if life and personhood begin at conception (as certainly they do), abortion just as certainly constitutes murder—legalized, but murder, no less—on the grandest scale ever known. Hands that “shed innocent blood” are still an abomination to the Giver of life (Pro. 6:16–17).

EDITOR’S NOTE: Although the SCOTUS reversed its decision of January, 1973, the forces of legalized murder of the unborn are still at work.

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