That “Difficult” King James Version – Bill Jackson

Bill Jackson

Those in love with the modern speech translations (and some of them do not even come near being translated) very often speak of the King James Version, and how so very difficult it is to comprehend. It’s really too bad that Great Grandpa and Great Grandma, who had very little formal education, didn’t know that the volume couldn’t be understood. They did the best they could in obeying God’s will, living the Christian life, bringing up children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, worshiping according to the New Testament pattern, and teaching and baptizing their neighbors into Christ. And it’s too bad that the pioneer preachers didn’t know the King James (all they had) couldn’t be understood. With their “lack of knowledge,” all they did was live by truth, preach the truth, and convert people from sectarianism as they took the King James and put the denominational doctrines to flight in debate!

Many in our time have turned their children away from the truth in urging upon them some wild version because they “can’t understand that old King James.” Yes, those very youngsters who can understand chemistry, biology, zoology, calculus, geometry and physics. It must really “blow their minds” to run into a word like “charity” and then have to see that “love” is the modern day word. And look at some of the preachers! All they have is a high school education, and perhaps four years of college, or two years of preacher training, including a study of Greek, and then they cannot comprehend The King James Version. Brethren, let’s face it. It is the “love of the new and different, even if it’s harmful” that is behind the craving of these new and wild productions. One need not be very bright to see that!

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