Politicizing Morality – Jerry C. Brewer

Jerry C. Brewer

Satan has many devices for the corruption of humanity. Among those is his ability to get his followers to redefine terms of morality. Many of those are familiar to all of us. For instance, the practice of murdering babies in the womb is called abortion and one of Satan’s devices is to politicize that term, along with many others. Unlike the laws of the Medes and Persians, law in our day is fluid and always subject to change. That is the case when God’s moral law is placed in the realm of politics.

A few years ago a deacon in a congregation in Oklahoma chastised the preacher for speaking against abortion, saying that he was preaching on “politics.” Now, we all know that partisan politics have no place in the pulpit and no faithful gospel preacher would ever preach on such topics. But the devil, and his followers in high places, know that if they can persuade men that preaching on the morals God has ordained is politics, they can silence opposition to their immorality. The same is true with sodomy. If it can be politicized, preachers who preach the truth on it can be silenced by the law.

It’s often been said by liberals that, “You can’t legislate morality,” and they are correct. Man cannot legislate morality. God has already done that. His immutable moral code by which He intends men to live was impressed upon the human race in the beginning and cannot be changed. Of course, what politicians mean by that statement is that legislatures or Congress cannot legislate against immorality. When the righteous oppose legalizing gambling, liquor, or “same-sex marriage” (as the latter has been), the cry goes up that, “You cannot legislate morality.” Making immorality illegal does not legislate in the moral realm. It simply aligns man’s secular laws with the moral law of God. What objectors really mean is that, “You cannot pass a law that agrees with God’s moral law and opposes our hedonism.”

American society—and most of the world for that matter—is as pagan as any ancient culture. The White House occupant endorses sodomite marriages. A few years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that sodomite marriages are legal and recently ruled that sodomy is a protected class under the law. That ought to make decent folks tremble. When the highest office in the land demonstrates that it lives by no moral code higher than an alley cat—although alley cats disdain sodomy—the outlook is indeed dark for successive generations of our children and grandchildren. And it becomes even darker when we consider that speaking out against such wickedness as abortion and sodomy is considered “preaching politics” and may be prosecuted as “hate speech” under men’s laws

This country is at a critical juncture in its existence. Decent people must either take a stand—a firm one—against immorality and its endorsement in high places, or we will witness the end of a country that once stood as a bastion of freedom and moral rectitude. And that is not “preaching politics.” God’s long suffering ended when He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and it may well end soon for this country that has been the recipient of the greatest blessings in the history of the human race.

Evil men in high places may politicize morality and call it “politics” but Christians must never fall for that kind of thinking. We must, lift up our voices “like a trumpet, cry aloud, and spare not” (Isa. 58:1) and let the chips fall where they may. This land is ruled (yes, ruled not governed) by evil men and the sooner they are gone from high places, the better. I have never preached on politics and do not ever intend to, but evil men have trampled underfoot the moral laws of God, calling evil good and good evil. Evil has a face in this country. It is the Democrat Party.

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