On the Outskirts of Sodom – Jerry C. Brewer

Jerry C. Brewer

When Lot “pitched his tent toward Sodom,” (Gen. 13:12) he had no idea of the terrible consequences he would pay for his decision. Even though he was not a partaker of the sins of that wicked city’s vile inhabitants, his life and family were touched and adversely affected by them. His daughters married men of Sodom who refused to take Lot’s warning of impending destruction seriously. They considered him “as one that mocked” (Gen. 19:14). Why did they look at their father in law in that way? Probably because they had accepted the lifestyle of Sodom and were comfortable with it. They may have thought it was just a “gay” way of living and never considered it the abomination that it was and is.

Even Lot seemed reluctant to leave—so much so that he had to be forcibly removed from the city (Gen. 19:15-16) and lost his wife in the process (Gen. 19:26). And, even then, he argued that he could not escape to a mountain, but wanted to enter a nearby city (Gen. 19:19-20). Why was Lot reluctant to leave? Was he also comfortable with Sodom’s lifestyle? He was not like the men of Sodom, and Peter even says Lot was “vexed with the filthy conversation of the wicked” (2 Pet. 2:7-8). But Lot was not “vexed” enough to take a firm stand against their wickedness and suffered loss because of his reluctance to do so.

I submit to you that Lot’s spiritual descendants are alive and well today in our country. They are the vast numbers of people in our land who say they would never practice Sodomy and are “vexed” with it, but have no objection to what is erroneously called “same sex marriage.” Why is that? Why have folks today, like Lot and his sons-in-law, become “comfortable” with such perversion? Because Americans are dwelling on the outskirts of Sodom. They may not be practicing sodomites, but they are giving sodomy their approval. How else can one explain the judicial branch of our federal government even thinking about ruling on such a matter? That issue would never have reached beyond the closet door a generation ago, and in 19th century England its practitioners would have been executed under the law.

One thing that has emboldened the Sodomite lobby and the federal government to give this issue respectability, by openly and unashamedly considering it as a “constitutional” issue is public opinion. How so? While there have always been Sodomites in every society, they have not always been as bold and open (at least since Lot’s day) and have remained in the closet in decent society because of public opinion. But the door is now opened. As a result, parents are learning that their children are practicing this abomination and, because they have always given them whatever they wanted, they refuse to believe they could “really be wrong.” Parents and other family members who would not practice Sodomy themselves now see nothing wrong with it in the lives of their children.

Like Lot, parents and family members of today’s Sodomites have no idea of the terrible consequences they will pay for their decision to approve (and thereby promote) this abominable lifestyle. Family approval of Sodomy will not only result in the misery and death of their children and others through the AIDS virus, but in the eternal loss of their own, and their children’s, souls. Nor do folks understand that this is not a legal issue about “rights.” It is about a wicked generation foisting its evil lifestyle upon every decent person in our land. Fathers, mothers and other family members need to understand that toleration and approval of their children’s sodomy is not only a move toward Sodom, but is actually a move into its outskirts. It is then just a short move into eternal destruction.

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