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Franklin Camp

The word of God has the power to convict and convert, to sanctify and to edify. But it has another power and province. The Bible is the mirror of its Author, intended to reveal, unveil, magnify, and glorify Him from whom it originally came

One of the main uses of the word of God is to supply us with a standard of both doctrine and duty. Therefore, there is no substitute for God’s written word. Men may turn in every direction seeking for something to take the place of the word of God, but when their search is ended they remain empty-handed.

In every department of life, the need for a standard as exact and unvarying as those which measure weight, length and time compels one to resort to the word of God for guidance. Here alone, one finds perfect forms and changeless models. Man’s best timepieces must be set according to those of God, who has appointed the sun, moon, and stars for time and seasons.

So, from all human oracles, however self-confident, we must turn at last to the inspired Word, where, instead of untrustworthy utterances, we find distinct, definite, authoritative, and infallible teaching.

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