The Uniqueness of the Church of Christ – William S. Cline

William S. Cline

The church of Christ stands unique and supreme. Simply to be unique is not a criteria by which to judge as to evil or excellence. In the sense that the word is used here it is to identify the church as being unique in that it is not the work of man. Inasmuch as God’s ways are higher than man’s ways, so the church is unique in that it is above the works, ways, and thoughts of man to the extent that it is supreme in all things.

Its Founder, Size, Purpose, Goals

The church was purchased (founded) by the shedding of the blood of Christ who, by His resurrection from the dead, proclaimed himself worthy of such a role as Savior and Redeemer of all mankind. The church can exist with the meeting of two or of thousands. Universally, all who have been baptized into Christ are children of God, added to the body of Christ—the church. Uniquely, its only requirement is that each child of God submit himself to the righteousness of God, (not to any man) that he live soberly, righteously, and godly in this present life—lifted up and held there by the sustaining love and power of the King of kings. The goal of the church, and its efforts to spread the gospel of Christ for salvation of all mankind, regardless of color, sex, race, or condition of servitude, is in line with all other points of supremacy.

Its Constitution

Although numberless books have been written regarding the many facets of the Bible—this book remains alone and above all other books as a rule of faith and practice. It is so simple that the simple can understand yet so complex that it can challenge the most brilliant of minds and can challenge anywhere in between these two extremes. It does not stand in need of revision, correction, or omission. It is a revelation of the mind of God to man, and is usable by any man regardless of age, era, climate, Or culture. It is divine, eternal, complete; sufficient for man unto all good works and saving power. It can guide the attitudes, the thoughts, the actions of any Christian in this life and then past death into eternal life. Uniquely, no power on earth or in heaven can cut off the flow of love and power to mankind, except as each man may determine within himself to refuse such—as a person may refuse is as simple as that, water by shutting off the faucet. It and as complete.

Its Organization

With Christ as Lord and King, and the Word of God as rule for faith and practice, no organization is needed except as a group of local Christians combine to accomplish that which they cannot do alone. Elders of the local congregation represent the highest limited authority within the body of Christ and their authority does not extend beyond the operation and work of that congregation as it strives to extend the borders of the kingdom of Christ.

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