The World Knows What is Modest

From The Gospel Digest, June, 1961

I recently came across an item of interest concerning the behaviour of American women aboard the Santa Maria when Portuguese rebels took over the ship. These women were afraid that the rebels might have “designs” on them, so they left off wearing “enticing” clothing. And what did these women of the world consider “enticing apparel?” The very kind of clothing that preachers have been trying to convince Christians is immodest. It seems that the world knows what “Christians” do not.

These women stopped appearing in shorts and halters, and quit swimming in the pool until they were satisfied the rebels had no designs on them. They had sense enough to know that such lack of clothing would tend to arouse lust in these men, so they wore clothing which covered more of the body.

But what about Christians? Do they have a responsibility to appear modestly dressed only when they are in imminent peril of bodily harm? Or, are they always responsible for dressing modestly? To ask that question should be enough. Christian girls and women, be sure you always behave yourselves in ways which are becoming to women—professing godliness—always

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    1. Kent Bailey has a good article on modesty entitled, “Biblical Morality as it Relates to Clothing, Posted on this site on July 25, 2019.

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