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James Pilgrim

The Bible instructs us to preach the word (2 Tim. 4:2), declaring all of God’s counsel (Acts 20:27), without addition or subtraction (Rev. 22:18, 19), and yet this may not be being done. Consider the following honestly.

The Bible teaches on modesty and immodesty (1 Tim. 2:9, 10). We have read and heard much preaching and teaching on the subject. It is not our intention to herein discuss correct attire or incorrect attire, whether over-dressing, under-dressing, or cross-sexual dressing. We simply question whether or not all of God’s counsel is being preached on the subject. Before you answer in the affirmative, recall the number of sermons you have preached and/or heard on the subject of immodesty with respect to man. Is it any less sinful for males to run around in bathing suits, shorts, tight pants, and such like, than it is for women? Is there a double standard in the Bible with regard to this matter? Is it any wonder that women are crying for consistency and/or equality?

The inspired record also contains law regarding the length of hair (1 Cor. 11). Considerable time and space has been devoted to teaching on the subject. Again, we do not propose to use this space to discuss the rights and wrongs of hair lengths. However, we do question whether or not the entire word has been stressed on the subject. It seems that we are ready to instruct our male brethren as to their sin in letting their hair grow long, yet spend little effort in teaching our ladies about their short hair. Incidentally, the style for women this summer is to cut it real short. Brethren, the same chapter and context that forbids long hair on men also forbids short hair on women. Why do we not hear more about this?’ Is it sinful for men to violate the passage, but acceptable for women to reject the law? Some men would have to cut their hair as short as brother Guy N. Woods, which certainly cannot be questioned, to have short hair compared to some sisters.

Brethren, let us continue to preach on immodest women and long-haired men, but let us devote equal time to the other side of the coin. We will one day stand before the great and righteous judge of judges to give an account for the way we have preached His word. Good brethren will have to stand before Him to give an account of how they have obeyed His law. May God help us to make all of His will known, and may those who hear it receive it gladly.

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