“The Children’s Church Practice and a Faulty Basis of its Authority” – Daniel Denham

Daniel Denham

This writer has become increasingly concerned over the direction which many well learned and capable brethren have chosen in recent times as pertains to the grounds for the establishment of Bible authority for the children’s church practice. This direction constitutes an appeal to supposed parallels practiced by others in the general fellowship of the churches. The argument made is that because one practices and/or fellowships those who practice unscriptural practices (and such are they because of their parallel to the children’s church practice we are told), then it is impossible for one to denounce or withdraw oneself from the children’s church practice and practitioners. Thus, we are exhorted for the sake of unity to cease denunciation of the children’s church innovation and maintain fellowship with those who practice it as such is the consistent thing to do so they aver! Under the guise of a call for consistency, we are told by others to accept the children’s church practice and thus consistently maintain unity.

The fallacies of this reasoning are self evident when reflected upon. First, those who argue thusly have yet to prove the parallels of which they speak. Some have paralleled the nursery, Bible classes, two separate and autonomous congregations meeting in the same building, a man going to the Restroom during services, absentism, a woman taking her child outside during services for disciplinary action, and so on, to the children’s church practice which has no authority and thus violates such passages as Heb. 10:25 and 1 Cor. 11:20 by the dividing of an autonomous congregation (or assembly) into two or more parts for the conducting of worship services. Like the anti-orphan home brethren who assert that the orphan home is parallel to the missionary society without proving the parallel, these brethren make accusations without proof. (1 Thess. 5:21). Second even if the premise of parallels be proved, this would not demand the conclusion asserted by these brethren, e.g. that children’s church must be accepted. Because one is a liar, this does not establish the propriety of stealing. Because open liars may be in the- fellowship of a congregation. this does not mean that the sin of fornication (as well as lying) should not be denounced and its adherents punished. The. logical consequent of this premise is that since all men sin (Rom. 3:23), then sin must not be denounced and its adherents disciplined or punished. For the arguer to be consistent he must contend for this proposition. Third, this contention is founded upon the erroneous concept that consistency is truth. The proper position of consistency is as a fruit or consequent of truth and not as truth’s antecedent or identity. To be consistent is not necessarily to be truthful: as the world is filled with many consistent liars. Fourth, as a postulate to the second, one unscriptural practice never makes another unscriptural practice scriptural and thus establishes its propriety for use or fellowship. Fifth, when a practice is unscriptural, having no authority for its existence and indulgence, then one has no scriptural option to partake of it, nor even to fellowship those who do (2 John 9-11) .

There is no freedom or liberty of practice or fellowship when the law of God has been violated and its authority circumverted by unwarranted and unsanctioned practices such as “children’s church,” “training for youth worship,” “children’s Bible hour,” or whatever other name that brand of stinkweed may be called.

Brethren, let us not lay aside God’s rule by the acceptance of such shoddy and faulty reasoning as presented in this appeal to stupidity postulated by brethren who are willing to compromise the word of God on the grounds of unity, or more properly union. If the reasoning of these brethren be followed, then there will be no basis upon which we can consistently not practice or not fellowship those. who do practice the use of the mechanical instruments and missionary societies.

May God help us to see that that day may never dawn when we will again accept such in the blessed Body of our Lord.

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