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Don Smith


In such a sin-stricken world, we find that Satan’s greatest devices reside in the realm of deception. Many people deceive themselves through willful starvation of the knowledge of God (Hos. 4:6). In this final portion of Mrs. Julie Jackson’s response to the manuscript “Have Miracles Ceased?”, she makes direct reference to the paper by page and paragraph. Due to the format of this publication (TGP), the references are modified from the original and placed in brackets so the reader can easily go back to that issue and section of TGP to compare the reference. All references will come from the March 2023 issue. The reader is also reminded that all typos and grammatical errors are left in the response as they are in Mrs. Jackson’s original. We left off with paragraph (13) in last month’s issue, so we will now pick up with paragraph (14).


1I assume you kept a copy of your paper “Have Miracles Ceased”. 2I wasn’t initially going to refer to it in specifics but as I write, I see that I cannot differentiate where we part in beliefs without doing so. 3I would be interested to know what DES stands for at the end of some of your scripture quotes. 4On [pg.27, TGP, March 2023, par. 3] I agree that God always couples natural means as much as possible with His miracles. 5He would have to since he is nature and created all that is living. 6In the [5th] paragraph though where you state “Although relief from oppression, infirmities, and other unfavorable circumstances were sometimes a benefit of god’s miracles, these factors were not the ultimate motives behind them”. 7I believe in miracles, healings, deliverance for the oppressed and I don’t think there is a man on earth that can “know” the motive of God. 8He ALWAYS has a bigger picture than our finite minds can fathom. 9I don’t believe God’s Love is totally comprehendible to man. 10God’s destiny for everyone involved in one miracle can be played out in exponential numbers.


1You talk about “speaking in tongues” as if it’s not for toady along with the other gifts. 2I am here to tell you that I had an encounter with a Nazarene Pastor one time that challenged (my then young) walk of faith about tongues. 3The Holy Spirit led me in a debate with him and he ended up telling me I was of the devil. 4You know, I think we would both agree that the “truth” of the Word of God is vital. 5I think you phrased it as “spiritual life and spiritual death”. 6I agree. 7My experiences tell me that there is life and life more abundantly. 8This is exactly what Christ wants—Life. 9He is a living God. 10On [pg.30, TGP, March 2023] you list only 2 purposes for the baptism of the Holy Ghost. 11I agree with those but there is many many more reasons. 12To live a life of freedom and victory is the main reason for the gifts. 1 Corinthians 12:1


1Let’s just suffice it to say that if I even entertained the beliefs that miracles, giftings of the Holy Spirit and deliverance is not for today, my 30 years of walking with the Lord would be a HUGE “made up in my mind” adventure. 2You see, I have witnessed many healings, deliverances, salvations and the power of the Holy Ghost. 3My husband is delivered from alcohol, healed of Chrons Disease and his life was spared 7 times. 4Why? 5We don’t know the entire reason. 6One reason could be that God had a better life for him than to be a gutter alcoholic and God wanted to use the gifts He gave Marc to further the gospel of the Lord.

Mrs. Jackson begins this section with a direct statement that we “part in beliefs” in regards to the clear teaching of the New Testament that was brought out in the manuscript. In essence, she stated that no one can know the motive of God on anything, much less His motive behind the miraculous. She then gives an account of her experience as “proof” that a person can speak in tongues today. Pentecostals will continually point to experiences in an effort to trump God’s written Word. The rhetorical question can be asked, “Who should we believe, God or man?” Mrs. Jackson also attempts to use the number of years she has been in her current belief system as support she is right.


1My/our lives would be a lie if we didn’t believe in the Power of Jesus Christ to set people free. 2That is all we live for, helping, pointing hurting people to the Lord Jesus Christ and His saving grace through redemption of sin in such a fallen, hurting world. 3I gave up 16 years of my life to home educate our two children so they could see the hand of God in each and every aspect of life, from Science to History to the magnificent workings of our body-Health, even Math. 4Now if that isn’t Belief in the things of God, I don’t know what is.


1You both are free to believe what you want. 2I know you neither one need me to tell you that. 3Now you know what we believe, like Micah didn’t know already. 4I do believe you both sent the manuscript because you wanted to share your beliefs. 5That is fine and we are honored & blessed that you cared to do so. 6Thank you for reading my response. 7Marc read it and agrees with my writing also.

May God Bless you!

Best Regards,


Mrs. Jackson, again, refers to the time she had spent up to that point in her religious beliefs—her life. She also makes an emotional argument that pointing people to her religious views and having given her “life” home schooling her children in the same is proof she believes in “the things of God.” She states all this after opposing what God says in His plenary and verbally inspired Word. Why was she making such an argument? It seems to be clear she knew she was opposing what the Bible teaches without any substantial grounds, and she needed to show affirmation she believes “the things of God” and display the reassurance of her husband in that.


Clearly, Mrs. Jackson is in total error in what she teaches, practices, and believes in regards to religious matters. Her entire response to the manuscript is testimony of that. In the next segment of this series, this writer’s reply to Mrs. Jackson’s response will begin. Most of her major points will be pulled together and soundly refuted with the scriptures. It is a refutation which only the most stubborn of denominationalists could or would deny.

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