A Real Threat to Liberty in Christ

G.K. Wallace

Catholicism is an enemy to everything that is not Catholic. The following, taken from a Spanish catechism recommended by Bishops for general use, illustrates the above statement to be true.

  • Question: Is every liberal government hostile to the church?
    Answer: Evidently.
  • Question: What are liberal principles?
    Answer: National sovereignty, so-called freedom of the press, freedom of instruction, universal morality, and other such.
  • Question: What consequences result from these?
    Answer: Secular schools…heretical churches in Catholic countries…
  • Question: What does the church teach about these?
    Answer: That they may be tolerated only as long as they cannot be opposed without creating a worse evil.

Gospel preachers should expose the Roman Church with all her political scheming. If she were in power in this country, we would become slaves as are people in strictly Catholic countries.

There are two things that the Catholics hate perhaps worse than anything else in our land—freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. Contrary to what they may say, official Catholicism opposes our government and the Bible. In spite of this, the Christian Church and other denominations have extended the olive branch to this insidious system.

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